Jan. 13th, 2010

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Dear interspecies peeps!

Thanks for your input on the last post, I've gone ahead and created a Collection:


I've started off by adding all my interspecies fic to it (oh god, it was so many years ago now, just don't talk to me about it!!). To add yours:

If you've already published the story on the Archive go to edit the work, then in the field called "Post to Collections/Challenges" (it's right under the Author penname selection bit), type in "hobbit_interspecies".

If you haven't added the story to the Archive yet you can automatically add it to the Collection by clicking the "Post New Story" tab on the hobbit_interspecies Collection page.

If you don't have an Archive account yet but want one, drop me a line on this post and I'll request an invitation for you :)

A note on Collections, if you're not familiar with them: they're a little bit like LJ fic posting communities, but unlike Livejournal, where crossposting means duplicating your entry (i.e. if you post to your LJ *and* to a community, there'll be two copies - one in each place), Collections are more of a browsing tool or collection of links than anything else.

So, your story only occurs *once* in the Archive, and people can get to it through your own list of works, or through browsing tags that you've put on your story, or by browsing a Collection that you've labelled it as part of.

All in all, pretty nifty :)

Any questions, ask away!


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